Uniting women and their friends & families
who have struggled with fertility issues by giving
them a symbol of
strength, hope, and support.

Are you struggling or know someone who is struggling to start a family?
Have you miscarried or know someone who has?

Pomegranate Girls is a non-profit organization that is hoping to unite women and
their families through their struggle with infertility. The pomegranate charm (aka POM Charm) was created as a symbol of support, strength and love for all those who have struggled with infertility in their efforts to start a family.

You do not have to suffer from infertility to show your love and support. The charm can be worn to show that you support and love someone who has.

However, if you are struggling with fertility issues or have struggled in the past and have moved on (whether that be creating your family through advanced reproductive techniques or adoption, or deciding to live child-free), wear the charm to let others know that “you get it.”

All net proceeds are donated to fertility research and deserving women & couples needing financial assistance to receive medical treatment.”

You can read more here.

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