Pomegranate Girls is a non-profit organization helping women and families keep
the dream alive of having a child. All proceeds from the purchase of a charm, a bracelet, a necklace, a key chain etc. will go towards one of the following causes:

1. Fertility Research
2. Deserving women and couples needing financial assistance to receive
medical treatment

Why fertility? Because 1 in 8 American couples experience infertility and 1.1 million women undergo treatment every year.

Why fertility research? Because only recently has infertility been recognized and
classified as a real disease that needs dedicated research and funding to fight it and find a cure. Research is critical to help diagnose and treat a number of different fertility issues. One of the leading foundations in this area is the National
Foundation for Fertility Research (http://www.fertilityresearch.org). This non-profit organization is dedicated to research, sharing their findings, and keeping the hope alive.

Why deserving women and couples? Because they shouldn’t have their dreams of having a child crushed for purely financial reasons.

Because they should be given a CHANCE.


We do not receive any compensation for running this organization and we incur minimal costs (our costs primarily consist of the cost of materials and shipping).

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