We are two women of different ages and in different circumstances who shared (and forever will share) in our struggle to start a family.

Pomegranate Girls started as an idea. What if there was a way that women who had been successful in finally starting their families could let other women (who were still struggling) know that they understood. That it wasn’t easy for them. That they struggled too. Wouldn’t that give hope and comfort to the women still struggling? Wouldn’t that help them feel less alone? Better yet, what if it opened the door for conversation between these two women (otherwise strangers) to come together and discuss their struggles?

But what would the symbol be? This part was easy. Befitting a fruit with many seeds, pomegranates have been a symbol of fertility for thousands of years. Whether it’s hanging a pomegranate fruit in the doorway or smashing it at wedding ceremonies, various cultures believe that the pomegranate fruit will bring fruitfulness and prosperity. Because of the multiple seeds that the pomegranate fruit contains, it is no wonder that the pomegranate is believed to possess the key to as much abundance as the number of seeds it contains.

What started as an idea turned into action and Pomegranate Girls was born.

Once we got that far we thought to ourselves, “Why stop here?” Let’s design a charm that can be worn by men and women who have either struggled themselves or who love someone who has and want to show their support.

Lots of ideas were tossed around but ultimately we settled on the charm you see here. The Chinese symbol in the middle stands for “strength.” It is impossible to get through the diagnosis and treatment of infertility without inner strength. This pomegranate charm or POM Charm for short, will hopefully start to be recognized by others as not only as a symbol of fertility, but also a symbol of strength, hope, faith, humility, family, dreams, courage, endurance and a dozen other things that come to mind when one thinks about living with infertility.

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